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If you are looking for a friendly, informal Wargames Club then why on come to visit us at the Badger Farm Community Centre any Tuesday between 19:00 till 23:00. Whether it is figure gaming, roleplaying or boardgaming, there are members of the club willing to have a go at any period. We also run campaigns and put on participation games at shows.  The Community Centre is located no more than a minute down the way from  the Badger Farm Sainsbury's main entrance. We have no formal arrangements and people as such organize their own games. We are a varied group and play a wide variety of games.


New members are always welcome and the club supports both miniature wargaming and role playing gaming.


As well as participation games, members of the Club participate in Tournaments, with Field of Glory being a current favourite.


Our use of a Yahoo group has reduced with the latest changes to Yahoo, but we still use it to communicate with all the members, share ideas and arrange games. Booking of tables has now moved to this web site. Periods played cover the whole spectrum of wargaming, including Ancients(Fields of Glory and Impetus), Dark Ages(SAGA), Seven Years War, Great Northern War, Napoleonics (Shako II), American Civil War (Fire & Fury), Back of Beyond (early 20th Century), World War I Aerial, World War II and into the future as well as fantasy.


There is a local supplier of wargame figures, AC Models in Eastleigh, based at 7/9 High Street, Eastleigh.

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